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Saliva Detox Kit for AMP, mAMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP

Saliva Detox Kit for AMP, mAMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP

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    The swabs for detecting drug traces in saliva due to drug abuse, be it occasional or regular intake, have gained great popularity due to their effectiveness. Saliva test is a sensitive type of testing which very much depends on the kind of device applied for detecting the drugs, as it determines whether the results will be positive or negative. In Saliva Detox set you'll find a combination of devices applied for saliva testing, which will ensure the highest exactness of your results. The following kit includes one Saliva 7 Multi Drug Test Kit, one package of Quick Fizz or Aqua Clean Effervescent Tabs, a Saliva 7 Multi Drug Test Kit (COC/ mAMP/ AMP/ PCP/ THC/ OPI), and Pre-Vale Capsules supply for two days.

You can find the separate instruction for any constituent of your package. The recommendations below are highly suggested to follow if you want to gain the ultimate results using the constituents in complex.
1. Drug intake should be paused for a certain interval. The longer this interval is, the more chances are to get the best results, while only a day can play a considerable role in failing the screen. Your odds to get a job or not to lose it due to drug intake will increase significantly if you abstain from usage only for some days. While avoiding the drugs you take, ensure you drink sufficient amounts of water, or even additional two glasses are day which play a key role in flushing the toxins away.
2. Pre-Vale tablets should be used in advance. Two tabs twice a day, taken on the eve of your test (2 days before the best) would be sufficient to get positive results.
3. As you testing deadline comes, use an Aqua Clean or a Quick Fizz tablet one hour before submitting the specimen, and aid it with a glass of water.
4. When half an hour is left to your test, use another purifying tablet with 10 ounces of water. Wash your mouth with it carefully before swallowing.
5. The Toxin Cleansing Mouthwash is best for application several minutes prior to the test. The remedy is active for 30 minutes, but most potent right after application.

The testing pad may be used any time possible if it's necessary to check the presence of toxins in your saliva, but make sure this application is close to your scheduled drug test, as the mouthwash is a temporary remedy for detoxification.

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