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Hair, Blood, Urine Cleansing Program

Hair, Blood, Urine Cleansing Program

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    For people who are not quite sure what type of drug test they're going to pass, or want to radically purify their organism, Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing Program is the ultimate solution.

The kit is designed for two purification purposes: to provide instant purification for a drug test, and to make the organism cleaner on a regular basis. Zydot Cleansing Tea or QPretox Tablets are specifically designed to challenge toxic substances in your body on a daily basis for a prolonged period. Zydot Ultimate Blend of Aqua Clean Effervescent Tabs will ensure your success in a drug test of any kind even if the organism is not properly cleaned. The kit contains a urine test kit with 5 panels, which will clear up your doubts towards the purity of your organism, and its sufficiency for the test. Hair drug test will be a success if you use Test Pass Detox Shampoo for the purpose.

Instruction: Hair-Urine-Blood Program constituents are accompanied with their own directions for use. QPretox product should be started on the very day you have your program delivered to your area, as it will ensure quicker results. Zydot Cleansing Tea may be applied in conjunction with QPretox to intensify the process, or separately, in consecutive order, to ensure the sufficient length of the purification process. Zydot Ultimate Blend drink, as well as Aqua Clean Effervescent Tabs should be applied on the day of the test deadline, one or two hours before you pass it. The products can be taken separately, and even alone they will provide successful outcome for the drug test you pass.

To ensure best results: Your detoxification system is incompatible with drug abuse, so please abstain from toxic substances when using it. When you're already taking a course of purifying medications, ensure you consume enough water to assist the detoxification process. Just for information, the remedies intended for a two-week use are more potent and successful in terms of system purification, than those intended for short use, as they work deeper in your system. Thus you should carefully measure your time.

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